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Specializing in Computer Repair and Networking
We can handle your IT and  computing needs, including computer repair, networking, new systems and set up, and security.
  1. PC Diagnosis and Repair
    The personal computer has come a long way, and many of the settings are automatic. We're here to help when those automatic settings aren't doing the job, or there are other problems that you can't figure out. Let us help remove the frustration of computing.
  2. Network Configuration and Installation
    From home networks to office networks, cabling and installing equipment... We can handle it for you. Configuring a network can be a huge undertaking. Allow us to help make it easier for you to get your network running, and keep it running.
  3. Training for basic IT understanding
    There are many aspects of IT. While it would be impractical to try to teach someone everything there is to know, there are basics that everyone should know. We can help!
  4. Home Networking
    Whether it's cabled or wireless, we can help you set up your network and secure it. We can also provide training for users to manage their network and set up parental controls. NOTE: There are many different ways to accomplish parental controls, we can help!
  5. Windows Computer and Server Setup
    We have experience to set up your windows server to use active directory, DHCP, DNS, and MANY other functions capable of running on Windows Server 2012, and 2008.
  6. Game Console Setup
    Tired of "moderate" or "strict" NAT types and being kicked from parties or games? Setting up a network to allow your console to connect properly will enhance your game play.
What We Do
We are here to take care of all of your IT needs.
We are here to help with any IT related problems you come across. We'll help you remove the frustration from everything from setup and maintenance of your equipment, to configuring your network for security and optimization. Training is also available if needed to help the end user overcome "technology intimidation".
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