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Security Check:



Check and update router settings for maximum wireless security, update router firmware, and document changes.

Speed/Conflict Check:

  Check wifi channel alignment, check installed cabling, and (if needed and wanted) install spyware/adware software. 




Security AND Speed/Conflict Check:

Both Security and Speed and Conflict checks. 



Internet Security Training:

Training for you and your team on the basics of internet security and keeping your data safe on the internet. 


Virus Removal:

Remove viruses and spyware that are infecting your system. 


Data Backup/Restore:

Perform a complete backup of one system onto your storage location. Ensure your data is not lost due to hardware failure.


Pricing varies per Job and customized network plan

Due to the customized nature of each home or business network, it would be impossible to use blanket pricing for most of our services. We will, however, give a free estimate for home users. 

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